Hummus Recipe

Hummus Recipe

This home-made hummus recipe will impress everyone at your party!  It is so much better than store bought hummus and very easy to make.  Serve with lightly toasted pita bread or crunchy vegetables.

Sweet & Sour Sauce

This is a really easy sweet & sour sauce recipe that goes perfectly with almost anything.

Alfredo Sauce

A quick & easy alfredo sauce recipe which is great with pasta.

Pesto Sauce

Pesto Sauce

Simply scrumptious pesto recipe.

Salmon Dip

This is quick & easy to prepare but YUMMY to eat.

White Bean Dip

Lots of flavour for just a little effort.



This dukkah recipe is an Australian take on a Middle Eastern recipe, perfect for pre-dinner or nibbles.

Vegetarian Gravy

A delicious vegan gravy recipe…

Hollandaise Sauce

This hollandaise sauce recipe goes perfectly over eggs & ham on English muffins for a breakfast treat, or over steamed vegetables for a tantalising twist.

Tuna Dip

Tuna dip recipe courtesy of my Aunt…

Mexican Avocado Dip

Fab recipe for parties, fiestas and all manner of festive occasions!

Spinach Dip

A sensational dip recipe.  The presentation is great and it tastes fantastic – always a winner at parties.